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Know all about About Montreal Canada

People walk along it without discovering it, without experiencing dizzy at the 250 years of historical past that flow through it. A woman from the East End will go there to shop, while a downtown entrepreneur is going there to sip refreshments . It’s Sainte-Catherine Street, traversing twenty miles of history and of challenges for the future. More than just another fundamental city street. Read more about old montreal here.

“Any time we wish to define Montreal as a city, we say that Montrealers are receptive, novel, dyanmic. All of these traits that people use to explain Montrealers, we are able to also apply to Sainte-Catherine Street. It reflects the city as a whole”.

The cultural life of Sainte-Catherine Street isn’t a recent phenomenon either.

Coming from 1920 to 1933, the Prohibition years, Americans flocked northward to slake their thirst and take in shows. Over the exact same decade, the New York mob pushed its way into Montreal.

Near to both the port as well as the main business section - and thus near the customers - the corner of the Main and Sainte-Catherine ended up being rich area for the sex trade until the 1960's, when Jean Drapeau successfully disassembled the prostitution rings.

Whatever else you can say about it, you should acknowledge that the freewheeling period left its mark on Montreal’s surroundings.

Sainte-Catherine was, is and always will certainly be a path of many trips, an historic street along with a spot near the hearts of Montrealers.

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